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About Us

GFSRD is registered as Not-For-Profit Company under Section 8/15 under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. GFSRD is also ISO 9001: 2015 certified Not-For-Profit Company with a mission to create a platform to bring and link Rural Development Research, Policies and Practices in one umbrella and advocate for Sustainable Rural Development globally.


Rural Development encompasses issues relating to all segments of the rural population and rural areaspresenting to policy makers and development practitioners withboth problems as well as opportunities. It involves many dimensions and challenges, requiring an inter-disciplinary approach, which may not be possible to be addressed by individuals acting alone or by singleinstitutions and organisationsand by viewing issues solely from any particular level, region, or country. Further, despite the abundance of best practice examples, and the wealth of initiatives,success stories, innovations, projects, programmes, organisational structures, institutions, opinions, and research related to rural issues that exist, there arefew common platforms to present these and advocate towards policy reform for sustainable rural development.

Our Goal

Work as a rural development network and policy think tank that develops and promotes alternative solutions to issues concerned with sustainable rural
Provide a platform for stakeholders to engage in rural development issues, present best practices and initiate policy dialogue
Build a strong network by working in collaboration and cooperation with similar training, research, and academic organizations/institutions
Conduct cross-country policy research and evaluation studies and establish a knowledge-based resource storehouse in the field of sustainable rural development.
Focus on information dissemination and capacity building by organizing conferences, seminars, training on different thrust areas related to sustainable rural development.
Advocate for sustainable rural development globally.