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State Director : DR. Jyotsana Mishra


I hold a diverse academic background with a B.Sc in Biology, an M.Sc and M.Phil in Biotechnology with a thesis focused on “Micropropagation and Flavonoid Production of Momordica Charantia,” followed by a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, where my research centered on “Removal of Heavy Metals, Dye Degradation, and Water Purification using Water Hyacinth.” I have a wealth of teaching experience in microbiology and biotechnology and have actively contributed to research projects such as rice biofortification under a DBT sponsorship. Additionally, I have worked on the development of low-cost, highly nutritious whey-based beverages to combat malnutrition among women and girls in rural areas through an RKVY-ICAR sponsored project. My commitment to community betterment is reflected in my involvement in various NGOs and social work initiatives.

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