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GFSRD – Global Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security



GFSRD – Global Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

About Us

Keeping in mind the challenges and constraints that the agriculture sector all across the globe is confronted with, the ‘Global Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security’ (GCSAFS) has been established as one of the sub-centers of the GLOBAL FORUM FOR SUSTAINABLE RURAL DEVELOPMENT (GFSRD). With the vast academic intellect, expertise, the policy makers and the planners, the change agents and peoples who have made impact at the grassroots through their innovations and interventions; from all across the globe and all of them present under one umbrella (GFSRD), the GCSAFS as a constituent unit of the GFSRD has been working with a Vision and Mission. While Vision provides a destination for our organization, the Mission guides us on how to get to our destination. VISION: To make agriculture Sustainable, Remunerative and Empowering. MISSION: The vision will be accomplished through:  Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and systems which reduce the cost of cultivation, conserve resources and are climate resilient ;  Senstization and awareness about different government schemes and programmes  A series of capacity building and trainings programmes for the farming community and the extension personnel’s of the line departments who are engaged with the farming community  Skill development programmes for the youths, farm women so as to enable them to set up their own income generating units  Collaboration with different stakeholders/institutes to enhance convergence and to minimize the duplication of efforts  To build up appropriate partnership models for the benefit of farming community through a bottom up approach  Development of both forward as well as backward linkages  Ensuring adequate value chains from production to final consumption of products  Mobilization of farming community




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