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GFSRD-Global Centre for Rural-Urban Linkages Studies



GFSRD-Global Centre for Rural-Urban Linkages Studies

About Us

The Global Centre for Rural Urban Linkages (GC-RUL) is established in response to the growing need to address the complex interactions and interdependencies between rural and urban areas. As the world undergoes rapid urbanization, there’s a critical demand for initiatives that promote sustainable development, equitable resource distribution, and harmonious coexistence between rural and urban regions.

The mission of GC-RUL is to foster positive linkages between rural and urban areas that promote balanced development, enhance livelihoods, and address challenges associated with urbanization. The center aims to be a platform for knowledge exchange, policy advocacy, and collaboration that supports integrated rural-urban development.

GC-RUL envisions a world where rural and urban areas complement each other, sharing resources, knowledge, and opportunities to create inclusive and resilient communities. The center strives to be a global leader in promoting innovative solutions for rural-urban linkages.

•   Integrated Planning: GC-RUL promotes integrated planning that takes into account the needs and aspirations of both rural and urban areas, fostering balanced development.
•   Resource Sharing: The center advocates for equitable sharing of resources, services, and opportunities between rural and urban regions, reducing disparities and promoting social cohesion.
•   Livelihood Enhancement: GC-RUL supports initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods, both in rural and urban settings, that cater to the strengths and needs of each area.
•   Infrastructure and Services: The center works towards improving infrastructure, essential services, and utilities in both rural and urban areas to enhance quality of life.
•   Environmental Sustainability: GC-RUL promotes sustainable practices that minimize the ecological impact of urbanization and ensure the conservation of rural landscapes.
•   Inclusive Governance: The center encourages participatory governance that involves stakeholders from rural and urban communities in decision-making processes.
•   Knowledge Exchange: GC-RUL facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices between rural and urban areas, fostering mutual learning.
•   Economic Connectivity:The center advocates for economic linkages that create value chains connecting rural producers with urban markets and consumers.
•   Education and Skill Development: GC-RUL focuses on educational and skill development programs that prepare individuals for both rural and urban livelihoods.
•   Resilience Building: The center supports initiatives that enhance the resilience of communities, recognizing the interconnected nature of rural and urban vulnerabilities.
•   Cultural Preservation: GC-RUL promotes the preservation of cultural heritage and traditions in both rural and urban contexts, recognizing their significance in identity and community cohesion.
•   Policy Dialogue: The center engages in policy dialogue with governments, international organizations, and stakeholders to advocate for integrated rural-urban development policies.

In summary, the Global Centre for Rural Urban Linkages (GC-RUL) addresses the need to foster positive interactions between rural and urban areas. Its mission is to promote balanced development, its vision is harmonious coexistence between rural and urban regions, and its objectives encompass integrated planning, resource sharing, livelihood enhancement, infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, inclusive governance, knowledge exchange, economic connectivity, education, resilience building, cultural preservation, and policy dialogue.




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