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GFSRD-Global Centre for Bamboo and other NTFP Promotion



GFSRD – Global Centre for Bamboo and other NTFP Promotion

About Us

The Global Centre for Bamboo and Other Non-Timber Forest Products (GC-BNTFP) is established to address the growing need for sustainable management, utilization, and promotion of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) like bamboo, medicinal plants, and other forest resources. With increasing environmental concerns and the potential of NTFPs to support livelihoods, there’s a critical demand for initiatives that promote their responsible cultivation, conservation, and value addition.

The mission of GC-BNTFP is to advance the sustainable development of NTFPs, with a particular focus on bamboo and medicinal plants. The center aims to provide knowledge, research, training, and collaboration opportunities that empower communities, enhance conservation efforts, and create economic value from these valuable forest resources.

GC-BNTFP envisions a world where the responsible management and utilization of bamboo and other NTFPs contribute to environmental conservation, livelihood improvement, and sustainable economic growth for local communities and beyond.

•  Research and Innovation: GC-BNTFP conducts research to understand the ecological, economic, and social dimensions of NTFPs, including bamboo and medicinal plants, and promotes innovative uses and applications.
•  Sustainable Cultivation: The center advocates for sustainable cultivation and harvesting practices of NTFPs that ensure the long-term health of forests and ecosystems.
•  Value Addition: GC-BNTFP supports value addition through processing, marketing, and promoting NTFPs in a way that enhances their economic viability and benefits local communities.
•  Community Empowerment: The center empowers local communities through training and capacity-building, enabling them to manage, harvest, and benefit from NTFPs in a sustainable manner.
•  Biodiversity Conservation: GC-BNTFP works to conserve biodiversity by promoting sustainable harvesting practices and protecting the habitats of NTFP-bearing species.
•  Livelihood Enhancement: The center focuses on improving the livelihoods of communities by promoting income-generating activities related to NTFPs, thus reducing their reliance on unsustainable practices.
•  Market Access: GC-BNTFP facilitates access to markets for NTFP products, connecting producers to consumers and enabling fair trade practices.
•  Ecosystem Services: The center emphasizes the role of NTFPs in providing ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, soil conservation, and habitat preservation.
•  Traditional Knowledge: GC-BNTFP recognizes the importance of indigenous and local knowledge in the sustainable management of NTFPs, working to integrate traditional practices with modern techniques.
•  Policy Support: The center engages with governments and stakeholders to advocate for policies that promote sustainable NTFP management, conservation, and utilization.
•  Research Dissemination: GC-BNTFP shares research findings, best practices, and success stories to raise awareness and inform policy decisions.
•   Cross-Sector Collaboration: The center fosters collaboration between communities, governments, NGOs, and industries to collectively promote sustainable NTFP practices.

In summary, the Global Centre for Bamboo and Other Non-Timber Forest Products (GC-BNTFP) addresses the need for responsible NTFP management. Its mission is to promote sustainable development, its vision is a world where NTFPs contribute to both conservation and livelihoods, and its objectives encompass research, sustainable cultivation, value addition, community empowerment, biodiversity conservation, livelihood enhancement, market access, ecosystem services, traditional knowledge, policy support, research dissemination, and cross-sector collaboration.

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