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GFSRD-Global Resource Centre for Ensuring Childhood



GFSRD-Global Resource Centre for Ensuring Childhood

About Us

The Global Resource Centre for Ensuring Childhood (GRCEC) is established in response to the urgent need to protect and promote the rights and well-being of children worldwide. Despite progress, children continue to face numerous challenges such as child labor, trafficking, abuse, lack of education, and unequal opportunities. There’s a critical demand for concerted efforts to ensure that childhood is safe, nurturing, and conducive to healthy development.

The mission of GRCEC is to serve as a comprehensive resource hub that advocates for children’s rights, provides support to organizations working on child protection, and creates awareness about the importance of a secure and enriching childhood for all children.

GRCEC envisions a world where every child experiences a childhood free from exploitation, violence, and deprivation. The center strives to be a global leader in promoting child rights, protection, and holistic development.

•  Advocacy for Child Rights: GRCEC advocates for the implementation and enforcement of policies and legislation that safeguard children’s rights to education, protection, health, and a safe environment.
•  Child Protection Initiatives: The center supports and collaborates with organizations that work to prevent child trafficking, labor, abuse, and neglect, promoting children’s safety and well-being.
•  Education Access: GRCEC focuses on ensuring access to quality education for all children, irrespective of their background, to foster intellectual and emotional growth.
•  Nutrition and Health: The center promotes initiatives that provide proper nutrition, healthcare, and sanitation to children, ensuring their physical and mental well-being.
•  Early Childhood Development: GRCEC emphasizes the importance of early childhood development, advocating for nurturing environments that lay the foundation for lifelong learning and success.
•  Child Participation: The center encourages children’s participation in decisions that affect their lives, fostering their sense of agency and empowerment.
•  Awareness and Education: GRCEC raises awareness about child rights, protection, and the significance of a safe and enabling environment for children.
•  Support for Vulnerable Children: The center focuses on providing support and resources for vulnerable children, including those affected by conflict, displacement, poverty, and disability.
•  Research and Data: GRCEC conducts research to gather data on the challenges children face, informing evidence-based policies and interventions.
•  Capacity Building: The center provides training and capacity-building programs for individuals and organizations working with and for children.
•  Legal and Policy Advice: GRCEC offers legal and policy guidance to governments and organizations to strengthen child protection frameworks.
•  Global Collaboration: The center collaborates with international bodies, governments, NGOs, and communities to create a united global effort for ensuring childhood.

In summary, the Global Resource Centre for Ensuring Childhood (GRCEC) addresses the need for comprehensive child protection and development. Its mission is to advocate for child rights, its vision is a world where all children thrive, and its objectives encompass advocacy, protection, education, health, early childhood development, participation, awareness, support, research, capacity building, legal advice, and global collaboration.




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