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GFSRD-Global Centre for ICT and Rural Infrastructure



GFSRD-Global Centre for ICT and Rural Infrastructure

About Us

The Global Centre for ICT and Rural Infrastructure(GC-ICTRI) is established to address the digital divide between rural and urban areas. Many rural communities lack access to modern technologies, limiting their opportunities for development, education, and connectivity. There’s a critical need to harness the potential of ICT to empower rural populations and promote sustainable development.

The mission of the Global Centre for ICT and Rural Infrastructure(GC-ICTRI) is to leverage information and communication technologies to bridge the digital gap between rural and urban areas. The center aims to promote digital literacy, create digital solutions, and facilitate access to information and services that enhance the quality of life in rural communities.

GC-ICTRI envisions a world where rural communities have equal access to the benefits of modern technology, where ICT fosters economic growth, education, healthcare, and connectivity in rural areas, and where no one is left behind in the digital age.

•   Digital Literacy: GC-ICTRD focuses on providing digital literacy training and education to rural communities, enabling individuals to effectively use and benefit from ICT tools.
•   Infrastructure Development: The center advocates for the establishment and improvement of ICT infrastructure in rural areas, including internet connectivity and technology hubs.
•   E-Government Services: GC-ICTRI supports the implementation of e-government services that enable rural residents to access public services, information, and resources online.
•   Agricultural Innovation: The center promotes the use of ICT in agriculture, providing farmers with access to information, weather forecasts, market prices, and innovative farming practices.
•   Rural Entrepreneurship: GC-ICTRI encourages the use of ICT for rural entrepreneurship, supporting the development of e-commerce, digital marketing, and online business initiatives.
•   Healthcare Access: The center advocates for the use of telemedicine and digital health solutions to improve healthcare access and services in rural areas.
•   Education Enhancement: GC-ICTRI supports the integration of ICT in education, enabling remote learning, digital classrooms, and access to educational resources.
•   Community Connectivity: The center facilitates the establishment of community ICT centers and networks that connect rural residents and enable knowledge-sharing.
•   Economic Empowerment: GC-ICTRI focuses on creating economic opportunities in rural areas by promoting ICT-related skills and supporting the growth of technology-based enterprises.
•   Data Collection and Analysis: The center utilizes ICT for data collection and analysis to inform policy decisions and development initiatives in rural communities.
•   Cultural Preservation: GC-ICTRI supports initiatives that use ICT to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of rural communities.
•   Collaboration and Partnerships: The center fosters collaborations with governments, NGOs, private sector, and international organizations to jointly promote ICT-driven rural development.

In summary, the Global Centre for ICT and Rural Infrastructure(GC-ICTRI) addresses the need to bridge the digital divide in rural areas. Its mission is to empower rural communities through ICT, its vision is equal access to technology-driven opportunities, and its objectives encompass digital literacy, infrastructure development, e-government, agricultural innovation, rural entrepreneurship, healthcare access, education enhancement, community connectivity, economic empowerment, data analysis, cultural preservation, and collaboration.




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