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Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty, Bangladesh

Co-founder & Global Head, Action Research

Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty has been working in climate change and natural resource management for the last 24 years, focusing on Community Resilience, Technology Transfer, Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management. He worked with BRAC, Oxfam, Bangladesh POUSH, CNRS, BCAS and SDRC.   He has developed a number of training and awareness materials on Climate Action and Natural Resource management. He is with different networks and groups for the management of natural resources and Nature-based Solutions. He was the first country coordinator of the Asia Youth Environment Network supported by the Commonwealth Youth Programme. He was one of the initiators that started ‘Know Risk No Risk’ movement in Bangladesh. He is skilled in policy influence. His areas of interest are action research on climate change, nature-based Solutions and popularizing citizen science. He has developed more than 70 mass awareness materials on climate change and has a good number of research works published on climate action and natural resource management. Bridging the gap between science and policy is his passion.