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Amb. Dr. Smily Mukta Ghosal, USA

Member, Global Advisory Board

An Indo-American plant biologist, Environmentalist from Dallas, Texas, USA, worked for over 12 years as a corporate business trainer, plugged in her childhood passion As a Nature Lover and started her own “green beauty line” called “#1Naturalbeauty,” customized skin and hair products. She has a strong sense of self-motivation, is ambitious, tenacious, keen, aggressive focus on a continuous mission to encourage people worldwide to Go-Green and introducing Natural products with a vision to create a sustainable greener world away from synthetics to live healthy Lifestyle Naturally & Passion In protecting Mother Earth. A dynamic Leader with Wealth of Experience as Intuitive Wellness Educator, Environmentalist, Herbalist, Intl Motivation Speaker, Transformational Coach, Certified Mentor, Pageantry Trainer as Personality Groomer, Soft Skill & Leadership Trainer, Women Empowerment & Leadership Icon.

In addition to being named one of the world’s Highest Achievers and winning more than 600 honors, they have also served as the primary keynote speaker at international summits and conclaves in the areas of education, wellness, green entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, and positive influence. She recently received the titles of “Excellence Global Green Champion”, “Humanitarian & Peace Queen”, “Mother of the environment,” and, most all, “Mention on Rekordbreakers News Prestigious Hall of Fame 2023,” to mention a few of her many honors, all of which are commendable.

Her ongoing work “bringing nature back to our modern busy lifestyle” and passion for protecting mother earth by inspiring others to Go Green, Make Nature our best friend by planting more trees to increase oxygen production and carbon sequestration. Her Continuous effort Inspiring on different Platforms towards Creating a better future where everyone can lead naturally healthy lives. In her opinion, there is no need for synthetic products when nature has abundantly provided for us in its purest form.

Focusing on Ayurvedic heritage, she developed a more distinctive brand with a distinct focus point in order to continue championing the cause of serving humanity and inspiring & Empowering others, while also maintaining her position as a role model for others to believe that she believes in teaching what she practices as core values without sugarcoating and being the best version of herself as a confident personality & a Positive Role Model, Change Maker , Go Getter, always ready to Serve Community. Be in Need for Other. to keep Engaging with All, uplifting, Supporting & Appreciating.

Few Amb. Smily Mukta Ghoshal line up of Green Projects though a lot is being set for the future.
1) Global green revolution campaign.
2) Women Empowerment Pageant.
3) Global women Greenpreneurs club to Encourage Green Start-ups.
4) Establishment of Green Modelling and Fashion University,
5) Environmental Safety awareness and Sustainability Campaign Across Globe
6) Sustainability lifestyle Workstation.
7) Natural healing temple tourist center.

Few Highlights on her Awards and Recognition from across Globe out of 600 Accolades
-As Green Initiative Leader,
-Global Green Queen,
-Outstanding Leadership Award,
-Global Influencer,
-Golden Legend Award,
-Mother Teresa Peace Award,
-Award and Recognition from kingdom of West Timor Indonesia &
-Royal Kingdom of Ghana.
-100 inspirational women
-Global Glory Icon
-Best green initiative leader
-Top women n bzns
-Women’s World record
-Intl Women icon
-Best social activist
-Global peace award
-Top 20-woman outstanding leader
-Global Influencer women,
-Top Inspirational Woman and many more.

On more of her journey in life:  on Global Positions/Title :

  • Honorary Doctorate- Social Work/ Humanatarian Law , Women Empowerment. & Green Leadership.
  • Intl Advisory Board Member- Mental care 🇮🇳 ( Govt of 🇮🇳)
    -“Advisory Board” of the Asian-African -Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) ,
  • President of Rotaract Asia, a philanthropic business organization (under Rotary International),
    -International Board Member of Intl Women Empowerment Forum
  • Sp Envoy – Humanitarian Services – African Diaspora Union.
    -Africa Real Estate – Ambassador

Apart from above Accolades she has been on Various Book of Records & As an Intl Convener….
-Influencer Book of Record.
-World’s Greatest Record.
-OMG Book of Records.
-World Book of Records London.
-State Book of World Records.
-Netaji World Records.
-The Book of World Records.
-The Exclusive World Records.
-Transoceana World Records, USA.
-Amazing Book of World Record.

Core area of her Expertise: